During the early summer of 2019 I was given the opportunity to design for my local chapter of CreativeMornings. What a freaking treat that was! This is an organization I love because it is an incredible source of inspiration and community for those who are creative, which is everyone, because truly, everyone is creative in their own right!

During this time I was in a bit of a life transition—navigating the space between being laid off from my job of over three years, doing freelance work, and looking for the next right fit in my career. This project came at the perfect time because of the theme that was set for July (every CreativeMornings talk is centered around a theme) the theme for July was ‘End’.

I documented my journey of creating this work, part scrapbook for memories and part deep dive into my process on how to execute a project like this.

I have my artist statement on this piece here if you would like to give it a read! It talks a little more about my thoughts around the theme and what it means to me and my work.