My greeting card factory switched gears about a month ago into a foray of designing cards for Christmas when a friend asked me to design their cards this year!

I was floored! Getting asked to do something that I'm nuts about is one of the best feelings I know.

This opportunity gave me the chance to not only create unique customized designs BUT it gave me the chance to really think about how I set up contracts, timelines and how to best schedule myself. My freelancing heart felt empowered as heck!

A little more info about the cards:

Lately my work has focused on drawing by hand so as I got started I knew that I wanted to use hand drawn elements as the anchor point for this set of cards. What that meant was drawing, A LOT. I bet I used 20 to 30 pieces of paper to write the words 'Merry Christmas' in different ways and draw Christmas trees, wreaths, poinsettias, etc. Once I had a lot of options I looked everything over. It looked like the floor in our apartment was carpeted by Christmasy drawings! I starred the ones I thought would work, photographed them and then used my computer to bring it all together.

This process did take time but it was thorough and I was so thankful to have as many resources as I did to work with. Without further hold up, here is each card I designed in better detail

The cards:

I ended up using a combination of brush lettering, brush pens, calligraphy, and paint brushes for this set.

Looking back, I like that the set is varied in texture but maintains a similar color palette.

I also enjoyed creating a set that has a slightly varied visual tone which ranges from elegant to whimsical because chances are that the card recipients are not all the same ;)

Thanks for reading about my latest card project! If you need holiday cards this year, let me know :)