Happy Thanksgiving, USA!

As a way to pay tribute to this very special holiday I will be sharing with you what I am thankful for by way of drawing! It's a little rough around the edges, but I want to share it anyway.

It's a lot, so get ready!

In no particular order:
Minnesota, Michigan, my hunky husband, Trader Joe's cookie butter and plantain chips, a strong wifi signal, my studio, Podcasts, yoga, Tombow dual markers, family and friends that are near and far, the grocery store, restaurant, AND coffee shop across the street from our apartment, LUSH bath bombs, GPS, air travel, hot tea, cold beer, the Whole30, kayaks, walks in the park, internet videos about baby animals, the new Star Wars movie (the anticipation!), sweat pants, the netti pot, floss, smartwool socks, all of my apples (iPhone, iPad mini, iMac and MacBook Pro) and the crock pot.

I hope you, yes you! are enjoying your holiday immensely. Give some extra love today.