Having a good attitude makes each day better.

Attitude is something that you have full control over, but it takes practice. To be fully aware of yourself isn't saying that you can't be human. Bad days and bad moments are going to roll in and tear some things apart but it will pass and once it does, recovering or starting over is made easier by encouraging yourself and everyone around you. Everyone is trying to live a good life. Everyone could use a hand, your hand, in fact!

I decided to create a little series of what I call Encouragement Cards to send to a pen pal of mine and to a recipient of my Drawn & Delivered project. The idea is inspired by wish stones, where they are kept with you to serve as a reminder. The intention behind these cards is to focus on living the life of your dreams and establish self confidence.

They are the perfect size and shape for the card holders in your wallet.

I like the idea that you can find them in your wallet when you are looking for a bank card or ID and BOOM! there they are! ready to remind you that you are awesome and to be fully present with your goals.