Another month is just about gone! As a way to wrap it up, let's chat about personal style in the cooler months, shall we?

I have a very hard time dressing comfortably for this time of year. When I'm inside, I'm too warm or if I'm outside, I'm too cold if I don't balance it all well. I also don't like to be bogged down by too many layers or it feels like my mobility is compromised. The struggle is very real.

Instead, I've tried to stick to simple warm pieces with an emphasis on interesting shapes.

Here's an example of this technique in action:

Long sleeve, thermal, the most basic of basics.

A thick wool-ish coat, the kind that covers the bum!

Sunglasses. Even when it's in the 20º range the sun is shining away. ANNNND a cup of coffee (to keep my hands warm…of course…)

High rise flare leg jeans, actually! Free the ankles, baby!

Sky high pony tail so I don't have a mouth full of hair while walking outside.

Not much to report here. Just trying to keep my skin from feeling too dry and patchy. Speaking of which, major props to moisturizing face scrubs like the oatmeal one from St. Ives!

I've been savoring my sample size tube of Jo Malone Ginger Lily and Amber. It's from their 'intense' collection so it sticks to my skin for much longer than you'd expect.

Footware with flare jeans styled in a modern way for the cooler months seemed like an oxymoron because if I wear boots, skinny pants are then tucked inside the boots, so what is a girl to do? I opted for my paint covered Converses because they seriously look good with everything.

The satchel wins this round again! Though I may need to bust out a more weather resistant option for the next couple of months.

What have you been wearing this month? Do you enjoy dressing for this time of the year? Or find it to be a challenge like I do?