Welcome once again to my digital playground!

Today I thought I would share some new posts that I added to my Society6 shop, being that it IS gift giving season and all ;) these newly added pieces are all from my Daily Intention series that I regularly share to Instagram.

Shameless self promotion aside, I wanted to chat with you about motivation and LEARNING TO LOVE THE PROCESS.

The process of making these daily drawings has given me greater clarity of what I have to say as a designer and illustrator. Lately I focus on positivity, puns, simplicity and freedom, all of which are attributes that I reach for each day of my life. These themes come from my desire to enjoy the act of making more than holding the end result too tightly.

As I become closer to my art practice I have been learning that there's really no end, or no right answers, there is only the process and effort.

To love the process is to love the art. As soon as I realized this, the act of creation has become immeasurably more fun!

My process looks a little like this:

  1. Fill your time with experiences, such as reading, watching films, trying something new, traveling.
  2. Reflect on how you've been feeling, write it down, talk with friends.
  3. Use the tools that interest you the most to express yourself.
  4. Take what you can from what you made and let it go.

The posting and sharing is all well and good, but they only act as milestones. The desire to move on to the next thing comes from loving the act of picking up your tools and trying something new, solving a new riddle, discovering new land.

I hope this gives you a little better idea of why these themes in my designs are so important to me and why I am inspired by them.

Enjoy your day and LOVE the process!