Hello and welcome to tip #4 on how to be successfully unemployed! This one is truly a service, it could be a hard one for you to swallow, but hear me out…


I took on 99% of the cleaning and operations of the household when I didn't have an office to go to every day.

This was because I had the time and I didn't mind doing it.

I didn't do every thing every day, I made a rotating schedule and I tried to stick to it.

The way I saw It was that it was my own way of substantially contributing to the home Christopher and I share.

During this time I had a lot of resistance pop up as I noticed myself taking on the cleaning and cooking, I could almost feel all of the 'modern woman' of today roll their eyes at me acting subservient to my husband.

In reality, no one anywhere was rolling their eyes and the only people I would be hurting by letting the dishes remain unwashed was my husband and me. 

This change of heart is a perfect example of ignoring the ego and doing what needs to be done anyway. If you find yourself in a similar situation, feeling resistant, a great way to check-in with yourself is by asking 'if I lived on my own, would I be responsible for this?'

For anyone who is currently unemployed, I want you to try not to look at doing the cooking and cleaning as punishment or pointless chores. This is a hard one because a lot of people have negative associations with these tasks from their childhood. 

I would instead challenge you to look at doing this kind of work as a service, or adding a different kind of value to your current situation. The great thing is that these tasks have tangible results when you are done.

I'm also pretty sure that you will feel awesome. Don't do it for the reward of praise, do it because it is for something that is greater than you.

In my own experience, when I am cleaning and cooking it can be another opportunity to clear the mind and focus on one distinct task. If it helps, use nice soap and put your favorite music on.

I hope this tip didn't scare you off!

I hope it helped you feel really great about doing the laundry and making dinner. Know that if you are looking for another job that you don't need to keep doing all the housework when you get a new job. Things can and probably will change!

I'm really excited to share the next tip with you! It made the biggest impact on me during this time.

See you tomorrow!!!

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