Today I want to share with you my favorite foods for the cold weather months. Since this is the time of year where we get together for holiday meals or parties, here are my suggestions for your next potluck, family meal or holiday celebration. While we are in this season of celebrating gratitude, have fun throwing around those pots and pans! Know that it's an act of love to feed another person, even yourself!

There is a recipe for each section. Enjoy! AND let me know if you decide to make one of these :)


This time of year makes me want to eat things that are more robust in flavor and fill me up a little bit more. That usually means oatmeal, but I like to make a batch or two of bran muffins for the same reason. The earthy flavor is so perfect this time of year. I like to add dried cranberries for some sweet and tart flavor too.


This little number is a family recipe that I've had since I was child! I look forward to it every year because it is fun to customize. I also love the way it makes the entire kitchen smell. Nothing makes me think of the holidays more than the scent of this snack.


What is better than a cheese spread at a party? A gooey wheel of cheese wrapped in a puff pastry! I have made this recipe a few times and it comes together really fast and it tastes as impressive as it looks. The nutty flavor is perfect when paired with fruit and jam.



This soup recipe has become a winter tradition. I make a batch of it at least once a season. It seems innocent but it's pretty decadent. It involves heavy cream so yeah, bust out your stretchy pants! I usually serve it with grilled sandwiches.


I used this recipe for Thanksgiving dinner. I think it has the perfect flavors for the cooler months, like apples and thyme. Also, it's in a puff pastry so it's like your dinner rolls are all ready taken care of! I got the recipe from Alton Brown and his show 'Good Eats'.


I loooooove chocolate any time of the year but heated up in a mug is my favorite way to enjoy it right now. It's even better when you add your own additional flavors. Grab your favorite seasoning and shake that shiz! This is a very simple recipe which makes it even better, IMO. This recipe is enough to make hot chocolate for you and a friend.