Hellooooo! And welcome to the first successfully unemployed tip, which is…


I chose this as my number 1 tip for a reason!

Podcasts are FREE bits of juicy information that you can listen to while doing other things.

I listen to podcasts while I'm washing the dishes, drawing, walking around town, even while I take a shower (thanks to a waterproof bluetooth speaker). You can easily listen to them in the car too.

Because I'm just about the worst at multi-taksing successfully I have never done well with tv or videos as my background noise, but for some reason podcasts are completely different for me.

When I add a podcast to my surroundings I feel so much more support, which is especially helpful to fight off imposter syndrome and what-the-hell-am-I-doing-with-my-life syndrome during unemployment. Podcasts can pep you up, teach you something, make you laugh, and make you feel less alone, all while you are doing other things.

The podcasts I've been most attracted to have been ones that focus on anything relating to my livelihood. I would recommend anyone to do the same who is looking for their next step in their career. It will help you stay informed on what's going on in your target market. For me, I devoured podcasts about design, art and business. I also love shows that focus on health and well being. Not only is that an interest of mine, but it did help to reframe what is important in life instead of focusing on everything I didn't have while I was jobless.

Here are my favorite podcasts
The Lively Show
Smart Passive Income
Creative Pep Talk
Seanwes Podcast
99 percent invisible

Do you have a favorite podcast right now? What kind of value does it add to your life?

I can't wait to share more with you tomorrow! :)