This is the third year that Christopher and I put together our holiday website! We do this in lieu of sending Christmas cards. This project all started with our wedding website, which was designed for our wedding information and RSVPs. Later that year, when the holiday season rolled around, we decided to keep the digital communications going. I love that this is a project that we collaborate on. We also keep a record of years past, which makes me all kinds of nostalgic!

Our excitement for Star Wars VII was the inspiration for the site this year. We've been dreaming about the new movie for what feels like forever making the timing for this style of site was perfect. Christopher found a technique using CSS to run the scrolling text and title sequence. From that point, it took writing our update and creating some sweet action figure style graphics to go along with the look to bring it to life.

Click on the image to view the site and make sure to turn up the volume!

Click on the image to view the site and make sure to turn up the volume!

After creating the site, we made a graphic for the email we sent out (title image above). Projects like this are so rewarding to work on because they come from a fun place and intended for an audience that we love (our friends and families).

Shooting our photos was the best! We had a very basic set up, using a sheet and a stand-in beer bottle as lightsaber to make it happen.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday so far and the end of 2015 is filled with love and happiness! May the force be with you always!