I was delusional to think that February would mean I could take it easy on the heavy clothes and layers.

I had it in my head that February would mean I could wear lighter blouses without freezing. That seems so dumb now, of course. It's not like I haven't lived through many winters already, but I think it could have been a bout of wishful thinking?

At this point, I'm sick of wearing sweaters, though I do still love what I have. So yeah, more of the same, sweaters, boots, scarves, But I'm trying to spice it up with more interesting textures and some color.

All fall and winter I had been drawn to neutral colors in my wardrobe, but for spring I am feeling a big change. All of the pieces I have my eyes on are colorful and vibrant with colors like kelly green and coral orange. I don't know when I'll do my spring/summer shopping, but I am excited to make some plans.

With that, welcome to how I kept the style magic alive in February!

I've loved wearing my black pea coat style jacket with a mandarin collar. It's lined, long and whenever I wear it, it looks like I tried much harder than I actually did.

A colorful blanket scarf. Like I said earlier, I've been dying for more color and this scarf has some of my favorites!

A sweater with the fringe on top! You can't see it in the photo BUT I have more posted on the North Nabe's website so check it out!

Skinny black pants. Pretty standard stuff!

Messy and sliiiiightly unwashed…

My skin is looking translucent (not a good look) so I've been reaching for the bronzer constantly. The rest has been minimal.

Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamon. I am obsessed with that scent. I got a small bottle for myself at the Jo Malone counter in Nordstrom's as a birthday gift to me. It's the best. Everything from Jo Malone is the best, really.

Fun fact, I have worn my tall riding boots zero times this winter. I still love them, but I have much preferred the look of biker style boots, like the ones in the photo above. Casual shoes have been my number 1 jam.

My large and in charge tote bag has been a great companion for taking my work supplies on the road in a little bit of a more stylish way.