Hello, card lovers! I thought I would take the time to do another Drawn & Delivered card round up since I've made quite a few more since I shared my first batch.


The concept for this mini set of cards came from coloring books. These cards were made for two young brothers and because of that I wanted to make the cards fun and interactive. I remember getting cards as a kid and being very underwhelmed by the experience unless it was covered in glitter or had money inside. Ha!

To take advantage of this coloring book concept I used both the front and back of the cards to create the scene. I wanted to give them as much room to color as possible! To create the textured contour lines I used my trusty Pentel Duopoint brush pen.

The older of the two boys was sent the bird card which involved more detail and smaller shapes. This was to encourage the use of MANY colors because using all of the colors in the box of crayons is the goal, right? ;) 

The younger boy was sent the dinosaur card which has less detail and large shapes, perfect for kids who are still getting the hang of their fine motor skills. Their facial expressions are way goofy but dinosaurs are just goofy in general so, I'm okay with it.


This card was one for a good friend of mine and fellow macaroni and cheese lover. As I was drawing some rough drafts of this card I drew a huge macaroni noodle and the absurdity of it make me laugh. Before I knew it, I was cutting out the shape from the card form and drew on some sun glasses and before my eyes the Mac Daddy of Cheese was born!

The base color came from a Crayola crayon, color: macaroni and cheese (of course). The outlines were done with a Faber Castell fine point black marker. Sunglasses were painted on using Speedball black calligraphy ink. That rad chain? It was also painted using Speedball calligraphy ink, this time featuring the color gold in all of its fancy schmancy glory. The inside was written with a Tombow dual brush pen.


When the recipient of this card requested something that focused on love and marriage I noticed that the delivery date was scheduled for right around the time they were to be getting married! I was so surprised that the scheduling worked out like that. Couldn't have planned that better!

I oped to take an alternative route to the traditional imagery associated with love and looked for pairs that went well together. Peas and carrots stuck out right away. I love the colors and drawing them in a way that used their form to spell out the words was so much fun. The final was a result of using colored pencils, a black Micron pen, and green calligraphy ink.

So that wraps up this round up of cards!

I continue to have so much fun drawing and sending these guys in the mail. Each card is exciting to make as I come up with new ideas and techniques to practice. To everyone who signed-up, I can't thank you enough. The privilege has been all mine!