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Introvert or Extrovert, people do well when they are with other people.

Humans are social animals. Some more so than others. So in order to establish who you are you have to make an appearance, make your name and presence known. You don't have to be everywhere or do everything. Actually, you probably shouldn't even attempt that. Just choose wisely and have faith that the people you meet, you are meant to meet.

You will find that not only will connecting with people be good for possibly a job connection, but it also helps you practice talking about yourself and really listening and getting to know others.

Since I had no choice but to meet new people because I was new to the state, I bravely put myself out there. I turned to places like Instagram, I followed local hashtags and then I emailed some people with shared interests to see if they wanted to meet. That might sound scary, but to be totally honest, I've had nothing but great results from being friendly.

I also joined a few professional design groups in my area through AIGA Minnesota so I could meet others in my field. That has been majorly helpful for getting a sense of the creative culture in my area.

Finally, I enrolled in an online class! I love being able to meet and collaborate with people face to face but connecting online has been rewarding too, I think that's because you already have something in common with your fellow classmates, the subject you're learning together!

I joined the winter class of Life with Intention Online and I loved it. I was even able to meet some local girls who were also taking the class.

Since that class wrapped up, I'm now taking Marie Forleo's b-school and I'll be taking Hilary Rushford's class Elegance Excellence after that! The communities that are built into these courses were a huge pro when I was deciding on if I should take these classes. 

No matter how social you think you are, it is beneficial to just try going to at least one event a month. Think of it as an opportunity and know that so many people want to connect with others too. If you are nice to others, it is almost a sure thing that you will feel it coming back to you!

Now get out there and meet some rad people! Or connect with an old friend!

Do you have any examples of times when you put yourself out there and it went well maybe even in the face of fear or new people? Also, if you have an off night, don't take it personally. It almost never has anything to do with who you are!

See you tomorrow with tip #6! It's my favorite of all of them and I do it every single day :)

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