During the early summer of 2019 I was given the opportunity to design for my local chapter of CreativeMornings. What a freaking treat that was! This is an organization I love because it is an incredible source of inspiration and community for those who are creative, which is everyone, because truly, everyone is creative in their own right!

During this time I was in a bit of a life transition—navigating the space between being laid off from my job of over three years, doing freelance work, and looking for the next right fit in my career. This project came at the perfect time because of the theme that was set for July (every CreativeMornings talk is centered around a theme) the theme for July was ‘End’.

I documented my journey of creating this work, part scrapbook for memories and part deep dive into my process on how to execute a project like this.

I have my artist statement on this piece here if you would like to give it a read! It talks a little more about my thoughts around the theme and what it means to me and my work.


Back when it was March, I wore a variation of this. A lot. 

I was able to pick up this excellently flowy denim top and these black pants from a great boutique in uptown Minneapolis called Proper & Prim. Both pieces fit into the season and my closet seamlessly. I was so excited to wear less layers as March came in full swing. With less layers I want to keep the layers I do have more interesting. Maybe integrating pieces that have unique shapes, different textures, or a-typical proportions. In any case, I want the items I wear to be a little more impactful. To me, dressing is all about having fun and being comfortable.

Here's a breakdown of this March Uniform:

Curls! I actually used my curling wand sometimes! 

Sunglasses. I actually wear sunglasses throughout the winter too, but they take on a new vitality when spring comes, dontcha think?

I was really playing up the eye lashes and filling out my eye brows, not like you can tell in the photo with my sunglasses on ;) but I have been keeping the rest minimal. However, I am on a very real hunt for a new mascara. My favorite from Bare Minerals isn't made anymore and everything I've tried since has been a disappointment. Suggestions???

I wore a lot of different scents, some deep, some sweet and clean, it really depended on the day and weather. My favorite re-discovery in my collection has been the Dirty Springwash by LUSH. That stuff is for sure in my top 5 favorite fragrances of all time. Would any of you like the know what the rest of them are? I might want to do a post or video about that! Yay? Nay?

Chambray-ish boxy top with cute little mother-of-pearl style buttons. I love that this top covers my arms for the cold but lets the breeze in for warm days.

These black pants have been a staple. I wasn't kidding when I said I would wear them multiple times a week in this video. They fit amazingly well and feel akin to the nicest pair of leggings I own.

Vintage Coach. One of my very best thrifted finds!

I love that wearing sneakers is so fashionable right now! It's like the this little treat for my feet to fit cozily into a pair of shoes. Granted, most of my shoes are comfortable, but not all of them started that way. And this black and white color palette for the shoes means they match everything and even elevate my outfits if I'm doing it right/am lucky enough :)

Annnnd with that, there you have my uniform from March!

I hope you have all been well :) As for me and the rest of my world b-school, freelancing and my day job have been leaving me pretty empty at the end of each day. That means little energy to put long winded posts around here. As I've said before, I'd like to keep it casual around here, easy and fun. So I hope to see you around here again real soon!


not pictured: the paint brush. oops!

not pictured: the paint brush. oops!

Hello! So this is an unplanned post that I decided to publish!

I spontaneously decided to film a video of what I picked up yesterday! My thought behind this is to just share the things I'm excited about and to be a little less formal around here in general. I'm not a very formal person so yeah! Sharing stuff like this feels pretty excellent to me :)

If you are in or visiting Minneapolis and love women's fashion, check out Proper & Prim (located in Uptown). They have a great selection of unique, fun items and really great prices, IMO. 

Secondly, if you are into creating art and needs supplies, check out Art Materials! It has everything you would need for art projects. ALSO, it is a local business with locations in Minneapolis and Fargo. So if you want to support local retailers, check them out. I think they will be my go-to for supplies from now on! 

Both of these stores are pretty close to where I live so that means those long treks out to the burbs can be minimized a little! Woohoo to that!

With that, enjoy the video!


Many of you over here may know that I love brunch. It's my favorite meal of the week. Brunch has my favorite foods with a relaxed place, a combination that is quintessentially 'weekend'. Over the weekend Christopher and I brunched at Tilia, a place I heard great things about. It's a beautiful place in the Linden Hills neighborhood that manages to be both small and open.

The food on their brunch menu was something special too. I had the Mortadella Monte Cristo which featured a poblano jam and gruyere cheese.

Below are more photos that I took during brunch and I did a full review on the North Nabe's website if you want to know more about my experience. Tilia had so many great touches!


Gooooodbyyyyyyye October! I miss you already!

Unlike years past, I wasn't sad with fall's arrival. In fact, I was enamored with watching the season change in front of my eyes as each day passed. The leaves! The fall air! The food! I loved it all! I did go a little nuts on the pumpkin-flavored things, thanks to Trader Joe's. I made my first batch of chili last week and I couldn't have been happier! Christopher and I did miss out on going apple picking or taking our kayaks out for a fall ride, but next year we will squeeze them in!

Throughout the month the weather was cool but comfortable. I lived in light jackets and got back into draping myself in scarves that are basically blankets.

Here was my uniform:

Light weight tops were still on heavy rotation because of the addition of a…

Mainly utility jackets like my 'Daria' coat that I've had for years or I would reach for my rain jacket.

Blanket scarves all the way! I picked up two recently and there is nothing better than being wrapped in a blanket AND it be socially acceptable. The trick for me was finding ones that aren't too big, because I still like to be able to move my neck and not suffocate. HA!

Black skinny pants because they go with everything!!!!!!!

I recently got a hair cut and I love the way it was done. It has a lot more shape and bounce. I let it go as wild as possible most days.

Neutral. Everything on my face has been minimal, which is not out of the ordinary, but I have been drawn to simple color palettes like browns and creams for the eyes and throwing on a nude matte lip.

Dark, deep, a little spicy and smoooooth. I have been really enjoying wearing the perfume Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford lately. It smells like all of what's great about fall and winter. I got a sample size from amazon which is the perfect amount for me.

Black ankle boots have returned to my closet! I have a pair of flat black boots that I got second hand but I also got a new pair to join the herd. These boots have a very sassy high, for me, heel (seen in the photo above). I am not a fan of heels, I almost never wear them, but these are actually comfortable and I think they make my legs look pretty 👌.

My trusty satchel. It is my day-to-day purse bestie, we go everywhere together.

Check out my September Uniform here if you'd like to see what I was wearing last month!