While I'm working on drawings or photo editing I typically listen to music or podcasts. Here is what I've enjoyed the most in recent weeks!

This band has an amazing way of working with sound, not just from traditional instruments but from layers of sounds using the voice and elementary tools like clapping. This band tows the line between catchy interesting songs and bringing a powerful message to their audience. A song that I especially enjoy is called Water Fountain. The music video is quite strange which I think is distracting from the actual song, I recommend listening to it in a different tab in your browser while you go about your interneting. Water Fountain was recently featured in a recent episode of the podcast 99 Percent Invisible. The segment adds a good heap of context to this band. 

The Memory Palace
This podcast features a moment in history, a person or incident that acts as a lens into humanity, which DOES sounds heavy. However! this show is well produced and has amazing rhythm and storytelling. This is my favorite episode at the moment.

J Mascis
The album Several Shades of Why, specifically. His voice is smooth yet gritty like Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam circa his work on the Into the Wild movie soundtrack. This album has a chilled vibe that moves unhurriedly from track to track but with a tempo that pulls the album along. Picking and strumming guitars make me feel like I'm at an open mic night at a college coffee shop, but like a REALLY good one. The title track of this album is my favorite or the set. The added string instrumentals transport my mind into the most peaceful place.


What have you been listening to lately?