Hi! It's me again with another tip perfect for anyone between jobs. This one is great for those with a job too and it is to…


I read for 5 to 10 minutes of non-fiction every morning. 

When I was unemployed, my non-fiction favorites were self help books. What non-fiction can give you is real perspective on how other people live their lives. It can teach you a new perspective and give you inspiration.

Reading these kinds of books in smaller chunks works out well because it gives you the rest of the day to digest what you just read.

For me, reading calms me down and stops me from feeling overwhelmed with to-do list thinking first thing in the day. I think this same principal would apply to spiritual texts too, basically anything that resonates with you on a deeper level. So break out your Bible or the Quran if that's your thing, anything that lifts you up will serve you well.

What I love about this tip the most is that I'm pretty sure you'll never get bored with reading. There are just waaaay too many good books out there, and more being published all the time. My Good Reads list is exploding with great books that I'm excited to get to eventually!

Here are my top book suggestions for empowerment and balance:
The Miracle Morning
The Power of Now

Do you read as a way to connect with yourself? Have you read anything recently that spoke to a very deep, true part of who you are?

Another tip is coming to you tomorrow! See you then!

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