I have made just over 6 months worth of cards so far! I can't believe this project is going by so quickly.

In the beginning I was so excited to start, but by the time I hit the second month I was a little overwhelmed. I was worried that I would lose the passion and be phone-ing it in before the year was up. BUT I'm very happy to tell you that my fear had no legs to stand on. I'm just as fired up as ever.

Now that I'm more than halfway done I've noticed a distinct shift in my cards. I've been drawing less.

This project is called Drawn & Delivered because when I first got started I wanted to push my simple pen to paper drawing skills and embrace my style. In the beginning that's what I did, and for some cards I still do that. However, more and more I am using my drawing skills to sketch my cards before I make them. The cards I send out are more constructed and designed rather than drawn. I am really pleased with this revelation because it means that I'm growing and trying new skills for my willing recipients and that I'm not putting unnecessary rules over this project. This sense of freedom has started to combine with my design work too. I like to take my time with different analog mediums before going digital. You learn so much as a designer just by drawing or trying a new skill.

With that, here's a collection of cards that I've made that push the term drawn a little further.

A little 'muppet' card with googly eyes and purple felt. Perfect for a toddler to laugh at. This design is so simple and so much fun!

I have been very interested in playing with color and texture, especially as a way to show energy. The concept of this card is to send a friend some extra energy.

This probably looks familiar to you, yes, it is an Adventure Time themed card! I think that show is so good. If I had kids I would for sure watch this show with them happily. I liked the idea of using Jake, the dog (side kick to twelve year old main character, Finn) as the focus. Instead of drawing, I cut construction paper out and layered it to make this card happen.

This card is a lot more conceptual than anything else I've done to this point. I loved using uncommon materials, in this case cardboard, to convey a message of positivity. This card relies on symbolism and metaphor. It's funny because it almost felt like cheating going in such an unconventional direction, but as I got going I had the biggest smile on my face. I want these cards to be fun, dang it! Especially fun for me to make. I like to think that this sense of fun is received by the recipient of the card.


Today I want to share with you my favorite foods for the cold weather months. Since this is the time of year where we get together for holiday meals or parties, here are my suggestions for your next potluck, family meal or holiday celebration. While we are in this season of celebrating gratitude, have fun throwing around those pots and pans! Know that it's an act of love to feed another person, even yourself!

There is a recipe for each section. Enjoy! AND let me know if you decide to make one of these :)


This time of year makes me want to eat things that are more robust in flavor and fill me up a little bit more. That usually means oatmeal, but I like to make a batch or two of bran muffins for the same reason. The earthy flavor is so perfect this time of year. I like to add dried cranberries for some sweet and tart flavor too.


This little number is a family recipe that I've had since I was child! I look forward to it every year because it is fun to customize. I also love the way it makes the entire kitchen smell. Nothing makes me think of the holidays more than the scent of this snack.


What is better than a cheese spread at a party? A gooey wheel of cheese wrapped in a puff pastry! I have made this recipe a few times and it comes together really fast and it tastes as impressive as it looks. The nutty flavor is perfect when paired with fruit and jam.



This soup recipe has become a winter tradition. I make a batch of it at least once a season. It seems innocent but it's pretty decadent. It involves heavy cream so yeah, bust out your stretchy pants! I usually serve it with grilled sandwiches.


I used this recipe for Thanksgiving dinner. I think it has the perfect flavors for the cooler months, like apples and thyme. Also, it's in a puff pastry so it's like your dinner rolls are all ready taken care of! I got the recipe from Alton Brown and his show 'Good Eats'.


I loooooove chocolate any time of the year but heated up in a mug is my favorite way to enjoy it right now. It's even better when you add your own additional flavors. Grab your favorite seasoning and shake that shiz! This is a very simple recipe which makes it even better, IMO. This recipe is enough to make hot chocolate for you and a friend.


Happy Thanksgiving, USA!

As a way to pay tribute to this very special holiday I will be sharing with you what I am thankful for by way of drawing! It's a little rough around the edges, but I want to share it anyway.

It's a lot, so get ready!

In no particular order:
Minnesota, Michigan, my hunky husband, Trader Joe's cookie butter and plantain chips, a strong wifi signal, my studio, Podcasts, yoga, Tombow dual markers, family and friends that are near and far, the grocery store, restaurant, AND coffee shop across the street from our apartment, LUSH bath bombs, GPS, air travel, hot tea, cold beer, the Whole30, kayaks, walks in the park, internet videos about baby animals, the new Star Wars movie (the anticipation!), sweat pants, the netti pot, floss, smartwool socks, all of my apples (iPhone, iPad mini, iMac and MacBook Pro) and the crock pot.

I hope you, yes you! are enjoying your holiday immensely. Give some extra love today.


There is no question that I love to see the projects that creators are proud of. I also love to see these projects, when they are photographed in a stylized photoshoot. There's not much better than looking at these works in an idyllic set-up with perfect natural light, simple white backgrounds and cozy details like plants (always with the plants!) because those take a hell of a lot of effort! But I think there is something even better to look at; That is bursting the bubble of designers/artists/craftsmen etc. and having a look behind the scenes.

I find it interesting that when work is created it leaves behind a wake, one that is invisible to the audience. The conditions of which the work was created are a total mystery to all except the creator. Maybe that's why I find it so fascinating when people do share these views. I feel like I somehow understand the work more and then form a deeper connection with it. 

So that's what I'm doing now! I'm lifting the veil of my studio. Showing the work AND the madness that it takes to create the work. It's not galm, but it's real and that is what is valuable to me.

Enjoy this unconventional show-and-tell!

I've recently become infatuated with using cut paper as a tool for lettering. I like the way it mimics the effect of vector forms that are common with computer generated graphics, such as type itself.

Layering paper, measuring, cutting out shapes, moving things around again and again and then applying glue has been my rhythm for these projects. It looks like a tornado of paper at times. I then set up a very small photo studio to shoot this project on. Having a minimal background IS way less distracting (even though it can be a bit cliche to use these days). But yeah, mine is tucked in a corner and has easy set up and tear down. The flat surface is a piece from the IKEA as-is section and the paper is just a large piece of watercolor paper that I attached to the wall with blue painters tape.

This small color explosion comes from my Daily Intentions series that I post to Instagram. I used bright colors in a very stabile looking san serif type for the word 'challenge'. The contrast of type forms and color were interesting to me. I used oil pastel crayons instead of ink for a different texture. This proved to be a difficult to keep everything tight. A little bit of wobble around the edges was fun though.

Anyway, in order to keep the colors true and saturated I used a combination of the oil pastel crayons, a blending stick, and a paper towel (see above). That paper towel was used to clean off each crayon before and after each use to make sure each crayon was going to be clean. I also used a straight edge to make sure my baselines were anchored. Keeping this colorful medium under control was a huge challenge that went with my message better than I intended.

Here is another project form my Daily Intentions series that is also based on cut paper. This time the scale at which I was working was much larger. I cut my pieces at my table and then basically sat on the floor moving things around for maybe 30 minutes to get it in place in a way that challenged the color palette and the shapes. Just when I thought I had it right, I would take a photo and notice something that should change. A lot of back and forth with this one!

I took my lettering game to a new level last weekend when I was asked to make wedding signs! Before this, I had not worked with chalkboard art at all. I was excited to give it a go though! I was given the boards, what they should say and the pens, but the artistic direction was up to me. 

I did rough draft drawings for the larger signs on paper. When I had my plan I then drew on the boards with pencil and made edits before using the markers. The markers were permanent so the pencil lines were crucial! With the help of my rulers the baselines were all straight. Using a ruler is really the best way to get hand lettering to look professional. Once I inked the pencil lines I used my eraser to remove any visible pencil marks and then used a large paint brush to gently remove the eraser dust. I did two coats of everything written in white because the white would fade a little too much when it was fully dry. All in all I would say this took me about 4 hours to complete, maybe 5 with breaks.

Hope you enjoyed this post and a little more talk about to 'how' of these pieces!

a few work essentials I always keep within arms reach away are…

  1. A glass of water
    I do this to remind myself to drink more water. When I'm working I tend to forget about everything else which is no good. Having water near by means I'll come up for air (and water) occasionally.
  2. H2 pencil & Pentel Click Eraser
    H2 is my favorite lead for pencils when it comes to illustration and lettering. It creates a very light line and it's easy to erase. The click eraser is just so easy to use. I've had the one I have now since high school, possibly middle school! I just buy refills and keep on truckin'.
  3. Chap stick
    To be honest, chap stick is almost always an arms reach away from me.
  4. Chocolate
    I'd say it's for an emergency supply of energy, but really it's because I like it!


Hello, card lovers! I thought I would take the time to do another Drawn & Delivered card round up since I've made quite a few more since I shared my first batch.


The concept for this mini set of cards came from coloring books. These cards were made for two young brothers and because of that I wanted to make the cards fun and interactive. I remember getting cards as a kid and being very underwhelmed by the experience unless it was covered in glitter or had money inside. Ha!

To take advantage of this coloring book concept I used both the front and back of the cards to create the scene. I wanted to give them as much room to color as possible! To create the textured contour lines I used my trusty Pentel Duopoint brush pen.

The older of the two boys was sent the bird card which involved more detail and smaller shapes. This was to encourage the use of MANY colors because using all of the colors in the box of crayons is the goal, right? ;) 

The younger boy was sent the dinosaur card which has less detail and large shapes, perfect for kids who are still getting the hang of their fine motor skills. Their facial expressions are way goofy but dinosaurs are just goofy in general so, I'm okay with it.


This card was one for a good friend of mine and fellow macaroni and cheese lover. As I was drawing some rough drafts of this card I drew a huge macaroni noodle and the absurdity of it make me laugh. Before I knew it, I was cutting out the shape from the card form and drew on some sun glasses and before my eyes the Mac Daddy of Cheese was born!

The base color came from a Crayola crayon, color: macaroni and cheese (of course). The outlines were done with a Faber Castell fine point black marker. Sunglasses were painted on using Speedball black calligraphy ink. That rad chain? It was also painted using Speedball calligraphy ink, this time featuring the color gold in all of its fancy schmancy glory. The inside was written with a Tombow dual brush pen.


When the recipient of this card requested something that focused on love and marriage I noticed that the delivery date was scheduled for right around the time they were to be getting married! I was so surprised that the scheduling worked out like that. Couldn't have planned that better!

I oped to take an alternative route to the traditional imagery associated with love and looked for pairs that went well together. Peas and carrots stuck out right away. I love the colors and drawing them in a way that used their form to spell out the words was so much fun. The final was a result of using colored pencils, a black Micron pen, and green calligraphy ink.

So that wraps up this round up of cards!

I continue to have so much fun drawing and sending these guys in the mail. Each card is exciting to make as I come up with new ideas and techniques to practice. To everyone who signed-up, I can't thank you enough. The privilege has been all mine!