I've fallen back in love with music.

During the summer podcasts were definitely my background-noise-of-choice, but that has taken a turn! I don't know if there has just been a lot of good stuff out there now or if my ears just wanted something different, also I don't know if the reason matters, really. ha!

Excluding full albums I've been bouncing around between favorite individual songs. I'll tell you the albums I have been listening to cuz it isn't many… it has been The Decemberists 'What a terrible world, what a beautiful world' album cuz it has all sorts of fall/pirate shanty/Nick Drake vibes and The 1975's album 'I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful…etc' because it's full of retro sounding pop-happiness.

Anyway. Back to the point! The point is I wanted to document my favorite songs of the month so I could binge listen to them on demand. Now I'm sharing the list with you!

Give it a listen! It's hosted on Spotify and for the most part is pretty clean, though the first song has many fucks in the beginning, be aware if you are unhappy by the f bomb. After the first minute and a half the song is just musically gorgeous, IMO.

The list has an hour and 14 minutes of jams ready to go. So enjoy!

What have you been listening to? Any favorite songs that you can't live without right now?


Hello and welcome to the pits of winter! It's been winter for a while, and for those of us who experience the colder seasons in all of its coldness it gets to a point where you think winter could last foooooorrrreeeeevvvveeeeer.

For me, this is that point.

I have been relying on some all time favorite musicians and songs to get me through this time, because a happy person means happy work, right?

With that, I made a playlist for anyone out there who just needs some damn sunshine, even if it's just for the ears.

Before we know it, summer will be here again.

So they say ;)