all images are cited at  my pinterest page

all images are cited at my pinterest page

Planning a year. A whole year. It sounds fun for a few weeks then it sounds like the never-ending-list-making game where the slightest deviation will send things swan diving off of a cliff, a la cartoon style.

Though that cartoon splat sounds pretty exciting, it's horrifying to feel it coming! So I decided to try a new approach and put together a good ole fashioned (like I haven't made one of these in YEARS, pre-college maybe?) vision board.

Vision boards are typically seen as a way to mark milestones and can be a little 'things focused' so instead of this being filled with things I want, I filled mine with feelings I wish to embody. It isn't about having a fancy studio, or perfect yoga poses. It's more about the fulfillment I feel from art and design and cultivating strength and connectedness by practicing yoga, etc. Know what I mean?

For 2016, I am focusing on creating, connecting with others and myself, feeling strong, feeling refreshed, celebrating the simplicity and strangeness of life, getting messy and radiating joy.

Envisioning my year this way makes it feel less like a game of collecting things, and more like an expression of who I am and what I value.

I'd love to know what you used to plan for the year ahead. If you decide to make a vision board too, let me know! I'd love to see what kind of year you'll be having.

15 TO 16

2015 was a huge year for Christopher and me. It was huge for us as a couple and for me as an individual…

  • we moved to Minneapolis from Michigan
  • Christopher started a new job as an Interaction Designer (proud lady, right here!)
  • made new friends
  • visited with old friends
  • traveled to Oxford and London to see family
  • we dealt with death and illness within our family
  • we went on the Whole30, a 30 day detox to aid in figuring out what it means to live a healthy life
  • I took productivity and organization firmly into my hands by finding and using the method, GTD
  • I made art and design a HUGE priority by making cards for Drawn & Delivered, commissioned Christmas cards, and branding for a political campaign and social issues through AIGA.
  • through AIGA Minnesota, I got to know the design community in Minneapolis
  • I have been trying to find a great fit for my career goals since the relocation, a task that has never been very clear to me
  • Star Wars VII FINALLY came out!
  • AND Christopher adopted a new car on the LAST day of the year!

Overall, I'd say that this past year had equal amounts of soaring highs and crushing lows. Through it all, I made it a priority to appreciate everything. Even on days when I felt the worst I would bounce back just by knowing that all of this effort will not be wasted and I am right where I need to be.

Now that 2015 is fading away, I'm looking forward to see what I can find once 2016 comes into full focus.

As of right now, I am looking forward to beginning another round of Whole30 with Christopher and some of his co-workers. We could both use some more energy and structure in the kitchen and Whole30 proved to be a great aid in both last year. Starting this month I am going to be a contributor to the North Nabe blogging platform which will allow me to work with a great group of bloggers and local businesses.

In regards to this space, I look forward to sharing things that challenges me, collaborating more and using this blog as a way to share my love for everything creative: design, food, music, dance, illustration, cards, the list could go onnnnn and onnnnn :)

Thanks for reading during 2015 and HAPPY 2016!!!!