So last week I decided to document a typical day (granted all days are different, but this is a kind of day that I encounter at least couple days a week).

Right now, I work from home. I very much enjoy this lifestyle at the moment, but this time in my life also feels very temporary so I want to pay it a little homage. I'm sure life will switch things up for me again so for now I'm savoring the days that look like this…

1. Wake up and greet the day.

2. Make the bed.

3. Yoga.

4. Morning sketches, brainstorming, etc.

5. View from my office ;)

6. Webinar, taking notes, planning, emails, general work.

7. Lunch at home (leftovers from the previous night's dinner).

8. Photo editing & blogging.

9. Off to a meeting.

10. Meeting venue.

11. Husband on an evening work call.

12. Washing up.

13. Hot tea before bed.