Heeeey! You made it to the final day of my Successfully Unemployed series! Woohoo! I hope you've found some of these tips useful, no matter what your employment status happens to be! Okay, with that, let's get right into the final tip, it is to…


What started to trip me up while unemployed was being motivated to actually apply for jobs.

Every job description I was reading started to sound the same and worst of all they didn't sound like me at all. When I would read the descriptions I would look at them like 'well I can only do 50% of what they're looking for so nvm…' If you are anything like me, focus on what you can do and what you could learn and apply anyway!

Thankfully, all of my practices that I've laid out with you in this series brought me to confidently deliver this final piece of advice, which is to stay open.

What that has meant to me was to keep an eye on the job boards and apply to something if it sounds interesting, even if it's just a tiny part of the job that sounds interesting. This is because if you have the chance to interview, you will have the opportunity to have a real conversation with this company and getting to know them better. Just because you go on an interview, it doesn't mean you have to take a job from them if they offer. So try not to get too ahead of yourself :)

Another thing you can try is to get in touch with a recruiter who may help find leads for you. Especially if you are new to an area, a recruiter can help you a lot simply because they have more resources. To be very honest, I wouldn't be in my job right now if it wasn't for a recruiter! AND just because they suggest a lead to you, doesn't mean you have to take it. All recruiters want to find a good match for both the employee and the employer.

Being open takes practice, and it takes courage. But the best results come from keeping your eyes open.

Have faith that all of the work you've been doing will be put you right where you need to be at the right time.

Welllllll that's it! That's all my advice for those who are unemployed! I hope you found these tips useful if you are or every find yourself in between jobs, trying to find your first job or quit your job to find something or build something better for yourself.

As I said in the beginning of this series, these tips are great for anyone, no matter what your employment status is, but they're especially great for the unemployed. I was once there, probably will be again, and it's not as scary as it sounds.

Thanks for hanging out with me for this series! Things will go back to their regularly scheduled programing in a few days. Just a heads-up, as I mentioned a few days ago I'm enrolled in Marie Forleo's b-school right now and that's taking up a good chunk of time, so updates will be less formal :)

PS. If you are interested in reading my techniques/recommendations/advice of productivity, last year I did a small series called Productivity Week! Check it out if you want to know more about it. The techniques I wrote about then are practices that I still use today!

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